Voltage automatically-adjustable device

Energy Saving Regulator or ESR

          ESR is a device developed to better save energy by maintaining the proper and constant voltage. It can save energy up to 20% by reducing the unnecessary energy-loss cost due to the unsteady and undesirable exceeded voltage level than necessity. Besides, it also helps extend the lifespan of the machines or electrical equipments in the factories. 


                By the electromagnetic induction principle consisting of 3-phase induction motor, the moving part will be bound with coils and will move by a winch or another motor in order to control the outside pressure. This behavior is similar to the transformer type, variable with the motor, but the two spiral coils will not touch each other. This is the same as increasing works of the isolation transformer within, so the various types of noise including some harmonics cannot pass through process. It can improve the better electricity quality and prevent the factors, which are the electrical problems that can affect the system quality, such as, transient,  surge, dips, inrush current, voltage fall in short period (voltage sag), over voltage in short period (voltage swell), voltage fall (under voltage), over voltage, noise, etc.


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Picture shows work principle of ESR

Work diagram of the machine which includes the following sections:
1.   Stator coil: an unmovable coil responsible for receiving input voltage
2.   Rotor coil: a movable coil for adjusting output voltage to be constant as set value and no touched part with a stator coil, the work of this coil is comparable to the ratio adjustment of automatic transformer. In addition, there is rotation control by the motor or winch of spindle type.    
3.   Motor: an equipment used in controlling direction and rotation distance of the rotor coils.
4.   Motor control and output-voltage sensor unit: A device of censor type, responsible for detecting output voltage to send for comparing with the default set values. If there is incorrect values or changes from the default settings, it will manage to make the motor rotates adjusting the rotor coils in order to control voltage level.      

Benefits of ESR

1.   Reduce overall system electricity costs by 5-15%.
2.   Optimize efficiency of electrical power distribution for transformers.
3.   Reduce loss due to harmonic signals.
4.   Extend the lifetime of and reduce the costs of maintaining machinery and electrical equipments.
5.   Enhance the efficiency of electrical energy use.
6.   Help nation conserve energy and reduce natural-resource uses.
7.   Be able to control and sustain constant voltage.


Key features of the ESR

1.   Be able to maintain constant voltage at 380 VAC ± 1%.
2.   Reduce maximum electrical current peak at the time of opening machinery switches or equipments used in factories.
3.   Reduce harmonic and eliminate noise in the power lines.
4.   Consist of thunderbolt-protection unit (Surge Protection).
5.   Consist of dropping-voltage protection and over-voltage protection units. 
6.   Convenient and easy to do the maintenance
7.   Equipments used as basic units has low maintenance cost.
8.   Have many selectable sizes from 200 kVA - 2,000 kVA.
9.   Applicable to the 3-phase electrical system in factories
10. Be able to select voltages that suits to factories, such as, 200VAC, 220VAC, 380VAC, 400VAC, and 440VAC.
11. Suitable for factories that have CNC, SMT machines, medical equipments, precise instruments, etc.






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