Energy-saving LED



        LED or Light-Emitting-Diode is a new technology of lighting. It has many advantages,  such as,  low-energy consuming, endurable, well-bright, and very low-heated. Thus, The aspects that should be considered for purchasing a LED will be, as follows:
1.   The brightness of a LED:
It should be taken into a consideration that there are several grades of LED. For instance, 1 lamp with 100 units of LED could possibly be brighter than other with 200 units of LED, because of the LED unit prices (in this case) are different.
2.   Angle distribution of light:
It is very important to know the nature of the LED that LED distribute light in a direct dimension, e.g., a torch, but does not distribute light toward the wide dimension. Hence,  when becoming to the real use of LED, perhaps, the wide light-spreading issue would be even more important than the direct light-spreading issue in the overview.
3.   Power consumption:
The high performance LED is likely to be bright and light in the wide area, along with the least power consumption. And the most importantly, the affordability of LED price should base on an agreeable satisfaction. This then will be the real technology that is so-called energy-saving.
4.   The durability and depreciation LED:
Some types of LED are not endurable due to self limitation of LED. Every sort of lamps, when becoming to the real use based on time passing by, they will gradually reduce their illumination. Observing when changing the new lamps, we will see that the new changed lamps will be very bright. After using for some time,  the brightness will reduce. As well, the LED brightness also reduces when time passes, and even faster than the fluorescent. Anyhow, the good type of LED will cause this problem less than other types of LED a lot.
Road LED lamp
      For the new street light is a new type of LED light technology. New type of LED street light will consume less power, be more resistive, and have the capability of greater brightness.

To buy lamp for gardening and lamp in the field
Things needed to be consider in purchasing this type of lamp are:

1.   The brightness of the lamp needed for buying meets the criteria of acceptable brightness level or not. Of course, it is the the fact that the brighter lamp it is, the higher price it will be  because solar cell panels, units of LED, as well as other elements, will be more required. 
2.   Material, the indicator of lamp expensiveness, e.g., stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic, the prices will be varied (based on what types of material) as well.







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