Energy-saving lighting-system control equipment


        It is the electrical energy-saving equipment for lighting system that functions adjusting the electrical voltage to the appropriate level as required for each location that needs light. Therefore, lighting equipments in a system will acquire more suitable level of voltage, and will help save electrical energy around 20-30 %, in each segment of the lighting system.

        Equipment type of LIGHT SAVE is the minimized version of SAVE-2000. Therefore, the core principle will be the same (as SAVE-2000), but focusing on sub-system loads as well as
lighting system. It helps extending the lifetime of the electrical lamps, including help creating energy-saving in the electrical lighting system as well. The sizes provided vary from of 5 - 250 KVA.



The benefits of LIGHT SAVE


1.   Reduce the cost of electrical lighting system in overall about 20-30 %

2.   Optimize performance of the electrical power spending of transformers 
3.   Extend the lifetime of the electrical equipments in the lighting system
4.   Stabilize the voltage distribution in the system more constantly






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