T5 Light

          T5 light tube is presently the most energy-saving light tube. With the latest technology, T5 that has shorter diameter, consumes power only 28 Watt but giving the brightness more than the present T8 thin light tube (36 Watt) in the nowadays generation. While consuming less power, but giving more brightness than the original, T5 light tube hence will be the new choice that gives the most value in the present.
- Presently, T8 is called a thin light tube, because it has diameter of 8 Hun (Thai length unit)
- Lekise tube, T5, has diameter of 5 Hun.
1. T5 light tube can be used instead of normal thin fluorescent tube or not?

         Because of the differences in physical characteristics and electrical properties, T5 light tube can not be replaced instead of T8 (thin tube) and T12 (fluorescent tube). T5 tube is shorter than the T8 and T12 tube. T5 uses small pair socket pin (G5),  while T8 and T12 use medium pair socket pin (G13). Besides, T5 tube have to be used with the T8 and T12 tube. T5 work within the  frequency length higher than 20 kHz. Ballard for T5 tube provides of both Instant-start, Rapid-start, and Programmed-start. Generally, T5 ballast has the smaller size than T8 ballast, which can enable it to be used with the thin lamp. Most of the ballast manufacturers refer that T5 ballast has Total-harmonic-distortion less than 15 %, and power factor is higher than 0.95, which will help extend the use of wire transformer and other devices. Due to the small size of T5 tube, it will cause high temperature that leads to the crack of itself. Therefore, T5 also has the beaker circuit when it meets its expiration, or the wrong operation happens.

2. Can T5 lamp be dimmed?
        OSRAM SYLVANIA Inc. and ENERGY SAVINGS produce analog ballast for light dimming. for T5 HO tube that uses the direct signal control current at 0-10, TRIDONIC Inc. produces digital dimming ballast for T5 HO digital tube, which can be refereed to the dimming ability in the length of 100-0.
3. T5 tube is as bright as T8 tube or not?
        To answer in a short term is that if the tube lengths are equal, T5 and T8 tube will then are equally bright. But If compare T5 HO with T8, T5 HO will be brighter than T8 tube. To answer in the long term, at the temperature below 30 Celsius degree, T8 tube will provide more light intensity than T5 standard tube. When becoming to the temperature over 30 Celsius degree, T5 tube will provide more light intensity than T8 tube (as shown in Figure 3). However, T8 tube consumes more energy than T5 tube at the same brightness level.
4. How long will a T5 tube be last (lifetime)?
        According to the manufacturer (Philips Lighting, OSRAM SYLVANIA, and GE Lighting)  T5 HO and T5 tube have average using lifespan around 20,000 hours. For unique type of T5 tube, it will last longer than the regular one around 4,000-10,000 hours. Still, the wrong open-close operation or using the wrong type of ballast will make the lifespan of a tube shorter than an average.
5. The longer a T5 tube is used, the less of brightness will occur or not?
         The light constant rate throughout the lifetime of a tube is called Lumen maintenance. For a T5 tube that has Lumen maintenance parameter approximately over than 85 % when used over than 8,000 hours, over than both of T8 and T12 tubes since it uses the Tri-phosphors type while T8 and T12 tubes use surface area more than a T5 tube. This makes T8 and T12 needed to reduce costs by using Halo-phosphors mixed with Tri-phosphors.
6. The tested result after use
                  EGAT organization with a global warming network, which presently has already installed   T5 tubes for the real use, initially has already installed and provided the demonstration at 3 places, i.e., 1. gas station, 2. textile Factory, and 3. university. From the installation, the savings result is as shown in the table 4. If we change to use thin tubes number 5th (28 watt) instead of thin tubes (36 watt), which is used about 200 million units around the country. We will be able to save 2,000 megawatt, or 9,000 million units per year. Electricity consumers will  save about 25,000 million baht per year, reducing fuel import about 15,000 million baht per year, reducing carbon-dioxide emissions up to 4,600 million tons per year, which will help reduce global warming very much.






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