Variable  Speed  Drives   (VSD)

          Variable  Speed  Drives (VSD) is electrical frequency converter to control AC induction motor speed. It can control speed for suiting load conditions to increase motor the performance of Motor in the process or equipment in order to work as needed. Furthermore, nowadays there are uses of VSD to energy saving tasks in several devices or systems broadly, and often used in many systems such as fans, water pumps, air conditioning systems, etc. The saved energy is around 10-30%.         
VSD is applied to production work in the industry:
● Machinery in all industries that use driving motors
● Conveyor system
● Process that needs efficiency control and constant production quality
● Pump System and ventilator
● Air conditioning system in the factories and large buildings
● Transportation such as the escalator
● Air compression system, and smoke removal system in the parking building

An example of work from VSD

         The advantage of using VSD

1. Be able to adjust the round speed of a motor that used to be fixed. Make the suitable motor round speed. depending on needs of each type of work load. Also, be able to control Closed-Loop-Control for the system constant stability at all times
2. Help reduce wear of the machine and prevent losses in various forms of motor, fan, and pump
3. Reduce the power surge at a starting point. Therefore, power requirement will also be decreased, especially, in the large size motor.
4. Save energy by using energy as needed for equipment or machinery.

     Other benefits
       1. Help reduce maintenance time because motor works softer.
       2. Be able to control efficiency more than 98%.
       3. Be able to link or control signal with the other systems.
       4. Be able to develop a control system SCADA.
       5. Minimize mechanical damage from Soft-Start starting type. 

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