Ozone for air treatment

          Ozone system for air treatment in conditioning systems has the benefits from solving problems with the ozone produced by UV lamps. Ozone will pass to destroy the protein cells that encapsulate and sustain various kinds of germs, fungus, fungus spores, bacterias, viruses, and various diseases very quickly. Therefore, the diseases cannot be alive. This is the reason why ozone then can eliminate various kinds of undesirable odors effectively. Furthermore, it will make better indoor air quality with no harm to humans. Ozone will get inside to eliminate bad and humid odor directly when the amount of use to maximize  effectiveness depends on the using time and ozone-producing capacity to reduce cigarette, food, and bad odors inside the room by oxidation reaction of all kinds of odors that occur. In case of the hotels, hospitals, or office buildings that have rooms-modification precess, or new building area consisting of thinner odor from painting, ozone can also eliminate the odor classed toxic gas as well.
Knowledge, comprehension, and benefits of ozone
        Ozone is a form of oxygen with the energy (Active Oxygen). It can produce the oxidation reaction with almost all kinds of organic-inorganic materials, both in water and air. Ozone has the germs-killing effect more severely and rapidly than chlorine at 3,000 times. In the works, ozone will go binding with the contaminants and generate decomposition by changing the structure of substances. For microorganisms, ozone will get into to destroy the cells' wall, both of DNA and RNA of all microorganism kinds, causing the bacteria incapability to protect themselves.
         Nevertheless, because ozone is unstable gas with structural instability. After reaction, ozone will transform back to oxygen state with no harm or cause any effect to humans, animals, and environment.
Ozone operation in the air treatment system
Benefits of ozone
1.   Ozone helps eliminate and inhibit the growth of germs. Protein cells that encapsulate and nourish several germs, such as, bacterias, virus spores, or fungus will be destroyed by ozone, causing diseases unable to grow.
2.   Ozone helps eliminate reeks, unwanted odors. The composite vapor of organic components will be destroyed by ozone, resulting in the undesirable and humid odors removal efficiently and quickly.
3.   Ozone assists in toxic-gas removal. It will get into to breakdown several toxic-gas structures so that disintegration or deformation occurs. Ozone has the bleaching property. Presently, ozone technology is adopted to be used for producing bottled water, water treatment, and waste water from the industrial factories. Because of the color-bleaching and water-treatment properties of ozone, waste water, that used to cause problems of both water and air pollutions, is finally able to come back to be pure and clean water, with the better water characteristic and no toxin to the environment.
General benefits
1.   Purify air and decompose residues with all odors. In addition, purify and decompose toxins such as pesticides, etc
2.   Demolish fungus, germs in the air conditioning. Maintain cleanliness of the fan coils.
3.   Purify the clean air for full-lung oxygen breathing.
4.   Alleviate air allergies






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