High-efficiency lamp


         Electrical high-efficiency lamp: Selection of high-efficiency lamp suited with work is one of the ways to save a great deal of energy. Standard electrical Lamp will indicate the lamp efficiency  (luminaire efficiency). The luminaire efficiency will tell us that the according lamp will give light in how many percentages, from light emitted by the high-efficiency lamp, including:
1.   High-efficiency light reflector (reflector with louver)
2.   Aluminum plate of great-mirror type, the total reflectance about 85-86%
3.   High-quality aluminum plate, the total reflectance about 85-86%
4.   Aluminum plate coated with great type of silver, the total reflectance about 92-95%
5.   Maximum reflection on the work floor 

     Performance of high-efficiency lamp: can reduce the number of the light lamps from from the old versions, such as, from 3 bulbs/ lamp down to 2 bulbs/lamp or 2 bulbs/lamp down to only 1 bulb/lamp with the same brightness. Can save electrical cost up to 30%. Nowadays, there are both of public and private buildings installing high-efficiency lamps number 5 and the saving result was shown already, such as, Bank of Thailand (Head Quarter), Bangkok Bank (Head Quarter), Head, Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital (Bangkok), etc. 

Benefits of using high-efficiency lamps:
1.   Help reduce electricity cost as soon as equipment installation.
2.   Help reduce unnecessary bulbs.
3.   Reduce a large amount of money on investment.
4.   Help reduce stock, the number of lamps, and other devices.
5.   Help reduce labor cost in equipment Installation that can install ourselves at that moment.
6.   Reduce production cost and the company receive more profit.
7.   Improve the work performance of employees.
8.   Perform following the plan to reduce energy and maintain environment, in accordance with the Department of Energy Development policy at once.
9.   Meet the break-even time in the short period.






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